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Titles » Dance Central 3

  • Developer(s): Harmonix Music Systems, Backbone Entertainment
  • Publisher(s): Harmonix Music Systems/MTV Games
  • Year(s): 2012
  • Console(s): Xbox360
  • Released Date(s): 2012/10/16

Dance Central is one of the few series in the Kinect’s line-up that fosters excitement for what the motion-sensing device has to offer. It’s no surprise that Dance Central is consistently the best-selling Kinect game. Even with its success, Harmonix makes sure that the formula doesn’t wear thin. Dance Central 3 is more than just new songs and new dances; it’s easily the best entry yet. The core concept remains the same: You mirror the dancers onscreen. The characters’ limbs will light up red if you are not matching up with them, offering easy-to-understand feedback


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